We "stumble" upon God in our lives, and often don't recognize His helping "hand" until some time has passed and we take account of exactly what happened to change a precious life.  In early 2014 my mother underwent serious surgery and also experienced some cognitive changes, which altered her life and our ability to care for her day-to-day needs.  After a short stay in one facility, she was required to leave and returned home for an indefinite period.  In the midst of our struggle to find a suitable place for mother, a friend told us about Mt. Hope.  From the moment of our first contacts, the makings of a miracle began to unfold for her.  Ask us!  We'll readily share the story with you.  The 5-STAR rating that Mt. Hope received recently from the state is very nice and far exceeds the rating that mother's "first stop" achieved.  But it's what you see and experience here when you spend time with your loved one(s) and observe the the commitment to and Love for the special person you brought here that will make you thankful.  Mother has friends here and she wonders how they all fit into "her home".  Many of them are residents here!  All of the rest of those who do God's work here.  They work hard, backup on another, joke with our (their) loved ones, and make the place what it should be... a safe and true home.  My father died at 51 - I was 30 then, and I'm 67 now.  The last promise I made to him was that I would always make sure that mother was cared for lovingly.  It's why I cannot thank everyone at Mt. Hope enough.  And it's why as I (we) leave here after each visit, I look to the sky and smile.

Tom S.,

Everyone is so helpful.  They take such good care of me.

Ethel - Resident,

I love Sundays here.  They have good services.  We have really good activities.

Robert - Resident,

You know, my family didn't place me here.  I wanted to be here.  This is such a loving, caring place to be.

Margarite - Resident,